Notes from the Author

Though it is very difficult to name individuals, I want to thank innumerable individuals – family members; friends; chefs; local maharaj’s (cooks) and maids who cook in the neighborhood – with whom I interacted in various parts of the world. We exchanged notes on my passion – cooking – ingredients; methods; etc. I have been fortunate to interact with ladies born in the 19th; 20th and 21st century. Each had a different interpretation to the same items; the storage; the usage and usefulness.

The challenge came when they gave different names to the same item. India being a multilingual country the challenge of understanding the item was real. For my own I started a compilation. I started working on the same in the 4 languages I am comfortable with. I kept this to myself just I had with my paintings earlier. My husband Samir and daughters Dr Priyali and Dr Maadri pushed me into publishing this compilation.

I have taken great care in compiling and counterchecked it with many and I do hope the same has no mistakes. If there are any it is inadvertent and may kindly be excused.

About the Book

This is a handy compilation of names of spices in 4 languages. Many of these words have evolved over many years and some items are becoming obsolete. The collection is made only to facilitate understanding of the same no responsibility will however attach to the publisher or the author.

Price: Rs 400/-


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