About The Artist

About The Artist


Bharati Shah is an Ahmedabad-based artist whose focus is on abstract painting. 

An expression of her soul, Bharati Shah’s art is inspired by colors and forms found in nature; a bountiful garden of flowers in springtime, a tropical ocean teaming with colorful fauna, or a wonderland of lush green forests. Famous for her bright emotion-filled artworks, her art emits a special light and magic that is spiritual and powerfully moving.

As an abstract artist, Bharati Shah finds the act of painting to be euphoric. She has a passion for color, texture, movement and design that are conveyed through her art work. Her inspiration is pulled from her surroundings, experiences, and imagination.

She begins by creating abstract shapes on the canvas with a texture medium, and then the painting evolves into compositions in which color and texture are the primary subjects. The image is not the focus but rather a part of the process.

Bharati Shah’s goal is to have the elements of design, color, and texture unleash a sense of calming emotion for the viewer. 

I create beautiful abstract art that speaks to the heart, that sparks joy and hope in the midst of this noisy and chaotic world. I see art as a way to experience a sense of the eternal, the source of all that is good and beautiful. My art beckons you to a place where you not only feel connected to the beauty of being alive, but also to what lies beyond our sight.– Bharati Shah

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Name:Bharati Shah

Location:Ahmedabad / India

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